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Teardrop Travel Trailers from front to back…  Welcome to TeardropTravelTrailers.com – More and more people are enjoying the comforts and ease of a teardrop camper – camper trailer.  Whether you’ve been thinking about building your own or just want to purchase one from a professional teardrop manufacturer, you are about to enter a small  group of people we like to call tear-droppers.  Growing in numbers that date back to the 1930’s, teardrop trailers are making a huge comeback these days.  One main reason is the economics of it, you can pull a teardrop camper with so many more vehicles than a traditional travel trailer.  A lot smaller and a bunch lighter means fuel savings.  Enjoy this website: Teardrop News, Pictures, Stories, Video’s and more…

Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper

Australian designed and owned retro teardrop camper.  We’re proud to show off our new Gidget Bondi model… inside and out, highlighting many of our unique features that we know will allow you to enjoy ‘glamping’ in style. Gidget is proudly Australian made, owned and designed.

Video highlighting features of the Gidget Bondi camper including the conversion of the Queen-size bed to the lounge, showing generous underfloor storage, spare wheel in its own compartment, lots of cabin storage, shelving and overhead cupboards, the rotating entertainment console and pull out table. The cabin features our beautiful Australian timber work, this same timber is used in our pride and joy….our Gidget kitchen, featuring beautiful curved timber faces, Esky/Fridge drawer, pantry and utility drawers, and the new toughened glass double burner cooktop with its own storage underneath. Note the generous storage available on the shelves above, pressurised water in a toughened glass-lidded sink and access again to the rotating entertainment console. You can also see the beautiful moulded tail light section with large LED lights.  (lady not included) For a full specifications and price list go to our website:

Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper

Casual Turtle Campers

Casual Turtle Campers logo

Casual Turtle Campers is my one-man operation designing and building small, simple campers.  Based out of Fort Collins, CO I started out building slide-in truck campers, and in 2014 began designing small trailer models.  My designs are all rather small and decidedly simple – meaning without systems in place; gas lines, plumbing, holding tanks, etc. This allows me to keep weight down, and to end up with a camper that is very easy to own and use. I build them out of Western red cedar, and I like to include as many windows as is practical.  Perhaps the most compelling feature of my designs is the domed roof – arched both port-to-starboard, and aft-to-fore.  This makes for a very strong, unique, and attractive roof.

Casual Turtle Campers

My newest trailer model, the Hatchling, is sort of my take on the teardrop concept and size, but in CTC style.  Its a big bigger, and the whole cabin area is left as living space.  This design can be left wide open, or it could easily have a more developed interior.  Either way, its a very capable, comfortable little unit.
My designs aren’t for everyone, but they do tend to appeal to those looking for something different, simple, and obviously handmade.  I don’t go crazy with ornamentation, but rather try to let the simplicity of my designs account for their good looks.  They are very customizable, and I enjoy working with people to create a simple camper that really fits its user.
Please email me at casualturtlecampers@gmail.com with any thoughts/ideas/questions.  Visit web site: Casual Turtle Campers


American Teardrop  Trailers Built in America by Americans


Camping is cool in a Vistabule! – Vistabule Teardrop Trailers let you see the world with a view as big as the sky. The advanced, cab-forward design provides vistas that no other travel trailers offer. VISIT: Vistabule Teardrop Trailers