Better Sleep In Your Teardrop Trailer

Sleeping in a Teardrop Trailer?

4 Tips to sleep comfortably…

Teardrop trailers are a true American design icon and they are rightly having a resurgence in popularity.


Their relatively small size makes them an ideal choice for wilderness lovers who like to get away from it all but don’t need the trimmings of a larger recreational vehicle.


Although for all the benefits you get from using one of these beautiful minimalist trailers, you lose a little bit in terms of comfort you from larger mobile homes.


And sometimes, late at night, when your lying in your teardrop unable to sleep this may lead to a little bit of soul searching. Well it shouldn’t. All you need to do is up your preparation game.


Below we give you four top tips on how to get better rest in your teardrop…


Location, location, location


The absolute beauty of a teardrop is it’s size. Some models are smaller even than some tents. Even the bigger teardrops are dwarfed in comparison to those monstrous Winnebago’s you see holding up traffic.


The joy of their size is that teardrops can be parked in spots regular recreational vehicle simply can’t fit into.


Use this to your advantage when it comes to picking your pitch for the night. Think smart, check out your surroundings and make an appraisal of where will be the quietest place to park.


Try to be as far from roads, neighbours and public bathrooms as the available camping spaces allow. If it helps, squeeze in somewhere. Get creative, set down your teardrop and then park your towing vehicle elsewhere if need be.


And if you find a really sweet spot your vehicle can’t reach, then roll your sleeves up and pull your teardrop there by hand. Yes it can be done.


Also don’t be too lazy to move position if the first one you chose isn’t working for you. It’s much better to have a little hassle now than pay for it with a sleepless night later. Believe me.


Remember also to think about the elements, strong prevailing winds and bright sunrises can also ruin your sleep. So try to take that into account when you angle your trailer for the night.


Get your practice in


This may not appeal to the adventurous spirit in you but one of our top tips on how to ensure you get a comfortable night’s rest when away from home, is to practice before you leave.


Nothing is worse than being caught without an essential item when you are far from home. So do a test run. Spend a couple of nights sleeping in your teardrop in the drive. This way you will learn the intricacies of what it entails.


Your neighbours might give you a funny look when they see you in your pajamas in the driveway but so what? Coming to terms with a new sleeping environment is always a challenge so why not take the edge off of it by doing it at home.


Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize


We love our teardrops for their minimalism. Camping is after all about getting back to the basics and leaving the detritus of the modern world behind.


That said, just because you are heading to the wild doesn’t mean you have to go full wildling (one for you GoT fans) and abandon all your home comforts.


Always, and I mean always, pack an eye mask and ear plugs. These two tiny accessories will fit into any bag and are worth more than ten times their weight in gold.


Earplugs will block out even the loudest campfire singalong and an eye mask will ensure those pesky sunrises don’t spoil your lie in.


And for heaven’s sake make sure you have a comfy mattress. Memory foam is great. And if you have an airbed make sure you know how to fix a leak.


Nothing is more deflating than hearing a slow hiss in the night, here are some handy tips to help you out of that pickle.


Keep Warm


Most teardrops have fairly thin and basic walls, so it’s up to you to make sure you are prepared for a cold night ahead.


Space is a premium when you are living on the road. And while blankets do take up a bit of room nothing impacts a night’s sleep more than being too cold so make sure you are prepared. Always check the forecast and always prepare for the worst.


Layers are your friend. Bring lots. Smart thermal base layers do wonders when camping. And socks. Always have a spare pair of dry socks or two.


But make sure you don’t go to bed in the clothes you were wearing during the day. While they may feel toasty when you head to bed, moisture from the day’s activities in the material will cool as the night goes on and that campfire smoke/ash is bad.


There you have it, four simple and effective ways to ensure your teardrop adventure isn’t ruined by sleepless nights. Now go enjoy nature’s bounty.

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