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Casual Turtle Campers is my one-man operation designing and building small, simple campers.  Based out of Fort Collins, CO I started out building slide-in truck campers, and in 2014 began designing small trailer models.  My designs are all rather small and decidedly simple – meaning without systems in place; gas lines, plumbing, holding tanks, etc. This allows me to keep weight down, and to end up with a camper that is very easy to own and use. I build them out of Western red cedar, and I like to include as many windows as is practical.  Perhaps the most compelling feature of my designs is the domed roof – arched both port-to-starboard, and aft-to-fore.  This makes for a very strong, unique, and attractive roof.

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My newest trailer model, the Hatchling, is sort of my take on the teardrop concept and size, but in CTC style.  Its a big bigger, and the whole cabin area is left as living space.  This design can be left wide open, or it could easily have a more developed interior.  Either way, its a very capable, comfortable little unit.
My designs aren’t for everyone, but they do tend to appeal to those looking for something different, simple, and obviously handmade.  I don’t go crazy with ornamentation, but rather try to let the simplicity of my designs account for their good looks.  They are very customizable, and I enjoy working with people to create a simple camper that really fits its user.
Please email me at with any thoughts/ideas/questions.  Visit web site: Casual Turtle Campers
Casual Turtle Campers

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  1. Lotoalofa M. Tuiloma
    March 4, 2017 at 6:38 am

    How much is it , it’s very very beautiful ????

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