How To Build A Teardrop

Build a Teardrop Trailer

This is a do it your self teardrop trailer from scratch, composite walls and plastic roof. (super lightweight).  8ft x 5 ft floor – Jean-Rene Rodrigue did a great job on this lightweight teardrop trailer.  This trailer only weighs 750 pounds.  This teardrop was made in an apartment, one small piece at a time and carried down the stairs.  Wow, what a dedicated soul.

This camper has only been on 2 camping trips.  The first one was to the banks of St-Laurent river, where they almost got caught by the tide!!  The second time was in the eastern township.  After the snow melts, there will be many more to come.  One of the most interesting parts of this teardrop trailer is the roof, if you look close at the picture below you can see how the complete roof is like a sky light, very good use of the natural sun light.  Great job on that one. (never seen that before)…

 The green a finish of urethane base paint, very durable.  There was some thoughts of making the inside green also, but white seemed calmer.  Happy with that decision.  The overall length is 11ft – 8in.  Overall height is 6ft – 6in.  With a 2000# axle w/leaf spring suspention.  All welded steel frame, floor is BC fir plywood, Walls are composite material sandwiched “epoxy-fibreglass and polystyrene foam”.  Enjoy the photos below, to get the complete story visit their blog:

All Photos Courtesy of Jean-René Rodrigue

If you want to see more pictures visit his Picasa photo album and for more details on his project visit his website