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Get your teardrop campers out

Now that winter has mercifully departed, it is time to start thinking about warm weather activities.  One of the most popular activities to do during spring and summer is camping.  While many people enjoy using tents when they camp, there is nothing like enjoying a teardrop camper on your expeditions into the great outdoors.  Those who are looking for a camper that is cozy and cost effective need to look at teardrop campers.

For those who are not sure, teardrop campers are called that because they are shaped to look like a tear drop.  They can house a bedroom and a kitchen, but no bathroom (part of camping does involve roughing it).  Despite its size teardrop, campers can hold up to three people comfortably.  The sleeping unit can house a queen-size bed and the kitchen can house a portable stove and cooler, as well as dry goods and utensils and plates.  The kitchenette also has a separate entrance to the unit for packing and unpacking.  While teardrop campers are small, there are a lot of benefits to owning them.

  • They offer great gas mileage.  Anyone who drives a motorized vehicle has noticed the extremely high price of gas.  Vehicles that could be filled up for $15.00 are now taking twice as much money.  The benefit of teardrop campers is that they are small and can be pulled by a sedan or small truck or SUV.  Instead of having to use a larger vehicle that guzzles more gas, you can save money by using a fuel efficient vehicle to pull your camper.
  • The compact size of teardrop campers make them suitable to set up anywhere.  Instead of only being able to use larger campsites, you can use campsites of any size.
  • While a lot of people might not think that not having plumbing could be a benefit, it actually can be.  If your camper does not have a plumbing hook up it means you don’t have to worry about campsites that don’t have hook ups for the commode or shower, or worse yet hook ups that are broken.  Plus you don’t have to worry about having to pump the chemical toilet, since there is none.  Since most state parks offer public restrooms and showers, you don’t have to worry about not having access to facilities to use.

Teardrop campers are not new.  They have been around for almost one hundred years.  The first set of teardrop campers came out in the 1930s.  They were really popular because they were priced low and could be pulled by a vehicle with an engine that had less than 100 horsepower.  This was helpful because America was suffering from the Great Depression at the time.  Teardrop campers helped people save what little money they had on gas. Around the end of the 1940s, these campers lost popularity in favor of larger models.  In recent years (no doubt due to the great recession), teardrop campers have come back in style.

Teardrop campers are a cozy and economical thing to own.  With today’s rising gas prices, every dollar saved helps.  Contact a dealership today and see how a teardrop camper could benefit you.

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  1. Nelson L. Parkinson
    July 7, 2017 at 4:12 am

    I live in Inwood, West virginia. Where would the closest place be that I could see one of the Tear Drop Campers?

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