Teardrop Trailer Adventure

The Scenic Beauty of our suburbanChicagodriveway in early June was beckoning our early departure. Linda was already in ourToyotareading something on her eBook reader. She insisted sleeping outside last night even though her comfortable teen bedroom was only 30 feet away.

Phylis on the other hand was true to form in being a half hour behind schedule. “So what,” I thought. Before we were married she warned me that she had this unexplainable tardy time clock built within her petite frame and I simply changed my clock to synchronize with hers. I was in love with the most beautiful girl in town. The guys called me a wimp for conforming and my years of being late to our guy events just heightened the teasing.

Linda is the spitting petite image of her mother and they lead me by the proverbial nose and everyone knows it and they are the reasons for the Scenic Beauty on our driveway this morning. Scenic Beauty, that’s what we call our Teardrop camping trailer. She has been part of our entertainment venue for five years now. Linda was 9 years old when she, her mother and I attended a Chicago Boat and RV show.

At the entrance of the show floor there was this cutest curvy camper that was cute as a button and captured so many tiny hearts that day, especially 9 year old Linda and her mothers. Tiny because it was showcasing an era gone by and now being resurrected once again.  Teardrop Camping was introduced in the 1930’s and popularized by the famous magazines of the day and first sold as kits.

I was so impressed with the quality and the engineering of every inch of space being purposed that I too fell in love with the Teardrop concept beyond its cuteness. Of course I let the ladies gush all over it and begin to justify why they thought we should have one. Some mighty good justifications too but it was one that stood far above the rest including my own and it was Linda’s.

“Dad, we need this, we can be even closer as a family.”  Wow, l let that justification sink in. Even though Linda meant because of its small size we would sleep together closer, Phylis and I immediately took it as a closer knit family doing unique things together and enjoying the outdoors.

Our order was placed that very afternoon with an attractive show special savings and within a few weeks we picked up our Scenic Beauty at the local dealership.  She has been flawless as a closer family experience and even though Linda is now 14 and has outgrown sleeping with mom and dad, she has her own tent that is outside in the glow of the porch light. Sometimes she sleeps with her mother and I take the tent.

Life sure provides surprising opportunities to increase awareness of our outward scenic surroundings while enjoying a special closer family awareness but the three of us never imagined that a Teardrop Trailer would be the momentum to take us on that trail of life journey of becoming a closer knit family.

Phylis and I often take our streamlined Scenic Beauty on a day trip to a favorite little get-a-way spot and even on our once-in-a-while antique hunting excursions. You never know when we binge on purchases and need the extra cargo room. She proudly carries our purchases and when she does she is a write off of our taxes in our small business of buying and selling that we operate out of our home or out of Scenic Beauty, our beloved Teardrop.

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