Tips for Teardrop Camping

10 Tips when Teardrop Camping

If your new to the teardrop camping or have been around teardrops for awhile you just might enjoy this list of tips for the teardrop camper.  A good start is having a checklist, like RVers.  When you own an RV you have a lot to be responsible for, therefore most people have checklist that keep them cool and calm when preparing for an outing.  Have you ever seen an RV going down the road with their TV antenna in the up position?  That would be a person without a checklist.  The following is just a brief list of 10 tips for you to incorporate in your teardrop checklist.

  1. Tires – The tires on your teardrop trailer as well as the tires on your tow vehicle.  Make sure you check the air pressure in the morning when your tires are at their coolest.  Also look at the condition of the tread, sidewalls and valve stems.  If you have bearing buddies make sure you have an adequate amount of grease in them for your Axel bearings.
  2. Propane – Most teardrops have a tank mounted on the front and a line run to the back for cooking, however another good option is to use the small disposable tanks that just screw on to your cook stove or BBQ.
  3. Water – Today we have such a variety of options for drinking water.  From the little 4-6 ounce bottles to 1 gallon jugs to the 2.5 gal with a spout.  The general rule for drinking water is 1/2 a gallon per person a day.  It is also a good idea to carry several gallons in your tow vehicle, just in case.
  4. Food – Meal time is very important, especially when teardrop camping.  You will want to bring more than you will think you need.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner I’m hungry, lets eat!
  5. Bedding – Depending on the time of year and the elevation you will want to bring plenty of blankets and I like lots of pillows.  If you have a tent or a little one sleeping in a vehicle you will want to have lots of bedding.
  6. First aid kit – An overstocked first aid kit is always a good idea.  Bug repellent, sunscreen and aloe vera gel are good additions also.
  7. Chairs – If you have ever forgot the chairs when camping it makes for a different experience trying to get comfortable around the camp fire.  The folding chair selection we have today is incredible.  You can find a couple of chairs for the oddest places.  We have camping chairs that stay with the camping gear.
  8. Lanterns – I recommend the new battery powered lanterns, no gas, no propane and great light.  LED flash lights are good to have and remember to have extra batteries.
  9. Anti bacterial wipes – Along with plenty of paper towels and a couple of dish rags anti bacterial whips are nice in the kitchen area of your teardrop trailer.
  10. Lighters – The ever popular “clicker”.  When lighting the stove or grill you will want to have a lighter.  Bring 3 or 4 because it has been my experience that they don’t last long.


2 comments for “Tips for Teardrop Camping

  1. Cynthia Bingham
    May 23, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    I want a teardrop like we had when I was a kid. Probably acquired around 1950. Had full bed mattress, with a let down bed that a small child could sleep on. The lift up hatch back revealed a full kitchenette, with propane burner, shelves that kept everything secure, would be great to incorporate a small propane refrigerator. Where do I go to find a great teardrop.

    • June 23, 2014 at 5:29 pm

      Hi Cynthia, you can find them online usually vintage or my husband builds custom teardrops specific to each customers wants. Our teardrop has a bunk bed shelf for our daughters with a chalkboard wall 🙂 I hope my kids grow up with the same fondness as you have from your childhood memories. If you’re in Southern CA, here’s our website:

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